Enrica Pasqua

About me

I'm Enrica and I come from a small town in Italy, near the beautiful Lake Garda. Nevertheless, I currently live in Milan, and I work as a QA - Software Test Engineer.

In 1998, intrigued by an article in PCWorld, I created my first website. Since that day, I never stopped improving my technical and analytical skills.

When there is no Internet, I collect the inspirational beauty of the outside world by hiking, photographing and traveling (partial list of my flights).

In my free time I like to do DIY and experiment in the kitchen.

In this website you can find some information about me, my interests and my passions.


I speak Italian, English and some French.

Formerly developer, now QA Software Test Engineer. During my studies and professional experiences, I strengthened my knowledges and skills in different fields: databases, service design, web development and more recently software testing and quality assurance.

I obtained the following certifications:

I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Milan Bicocca with a major in Information Systems.



biiup.com was an e-commerce platform that enabled users to swap and sell both goods and services.
The core of the website was the "magic cart": an interactive interface that made the negotiation fun like a chess game.
I developed a large part of the backend and the search engine, using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Elasticsearch, while for the frontend I used Javascript, jQuery and AJAX.


A simple set of functions to elaborate images (resize, convert to sepia and so on) and to create photo mosaics. Written in Python, source available on GitHub.

Raspberry PI

I'm writing some code in Python for home automation and weather monitoring using a Raspberry PI. More on that soon!


You can send me an e-mail or you can find me on LinkedIn or Pinterest.